October 5, 2022

FANNY/Billy Smith re-run

This is a rare episode. We took off to go to the Record Bar tonight to catch one of our favorite bands, Fanny! So hence the re-run. But a special surprise happened and not only did Fanny practice at our space but Clint got a chance to sit down with them for a little chat and a song. After the Fanny chat go back to William Smith. Musician, promoter, artist and so much for. This was back in August of 2017. Plus Jeff Berges, Shilo the Intern and Balicia Scanducci! Get down to Record Bar tonight and catch them with our friends Katy and The Drive!

We are sponsored by the delicious pizza of Pizza Tascio! Plus the Majestic Restaurant and Jaykco guitar straps.  Check out our Patreon and keep practicing!