March 31, 2021

WNDP Cody Wyoming Re-run

As we continue our break, we take a look at the early shows. Here is No18. with Cody Wyoming! This is a fun show. We had a blast getting to know Cody and his musical adventure. As of now, Cody plays with “The Guillotine Choir”, “The Philistines” and “The Pedaljets”. “The Pedaljets” have a new record coming out this summer and you can get the amazing rock record by “The Philistines”. Links of course are below!

We are sponsored again by our dear friends at, “The Soup Kitchen”, “The Majestic Restaurant”, “Jaykco Guitar Straps” and “Found Sound KC”. Please visit our “Patreon” and remember to Keep practicing. We really want to get back to the in person shows so please also remember #morelovelesshugs