December 23, 2020

WNDP Holiday 2020 “Christmas Puds”.

It’s the time of the year to bring our guest together! In the past we have invited the years guest for a huge party/podcast but obviously we can’t do that this year. So we called on some of our regular friends to join us. What a treat! Besides Cletus, Chevy and K.B.Jamz, we had Jason Beers, Scott Easterday, Lee Walter Redding, Gavin Mac, Jeff Berges, krysztof nemeth and Steve Gardels. We have a show filled with original music from Scott, Jason and Lee. Thanks everyone for the continued support. I hope you enjoy this long yet hilarious episode. Make sure to check out our sponsors and our Patreon. All the info is below. Keep practicing. #morelovelesshugs


A Kansas City Steakhouse