March 10, 2021

WNDP Patrick Deveny Re-run

Hey folks, this month we are taking a break! After almost 200 shows and a year of Covid zoom shows, we have decided it’s a good time to take some time off. But, we will still re release our reruns! Re listening to the earlier shows is a blast. You can really hear where we have gone over the years. And this episode is such an important one. Patrick Deveny is the only person you hear on every episode. This episode marked an important relationship with the show. We love Patrick and his film and music knowledge. Plus he is an rad musician and songwriter. You will hear him perform as well as songs from his previous band “The Silver Maggies”.

We are still sponsored by our wonderful friends at “The Soup Kitchen”, “Jaykco Guitar Straps”, “The Majestic Restaurant” and “Found Sound KC”. Send some love to us if you like by visiting our “Patreon” page.

Hang in there folks. We hope to be returning with in person shows soon. We could really use to not stare at our screens and finally do away with #morelovelesshugs and have #moreloveandhugs. Keep practicing!