November 10, 2021

WNDP Steve Tulipana Re-run

We took last week off so this week we present a re-run. We go back to April of 2017 to episode .31 with Steve Tulipana! If you don’t know Steve he is a pillar to the music community. As a performer and business owner. Enjoy the chat about his musical career leading up to being an owner in “Record Bar” and “Mini Bar”. Since this interview he opened “Lemonade Park” during the pandemic. This is a fun show. We are brought to you this week by “Tacos El Gallo” on the Boulevard! And of course to “The Majestic Restaurant”, “Jaykco Guitar Straps”, “Found Sound KC” and “Cool Guy Foods”. Please check out our “Patreon” page. Every little bit counts. And head over to “Mini Bar” this Friday for an amazing show which has a link below! Did that Rhyme? Keep Practicing!